The premier solution for tracking insurance and other vendor data.

*Use the blue arrows below the slides to learn how BCS tracks insurance and other vendor data.


    During implementation, BCS sets up a unique document repository for your organization so you can fax, email, mail, and/or digitally send documents.

    Collecting vendor data is easy; we can collect documents directly from you, your vendors, and/or their agents. Documents are sorted, named and filed according to your conventions.


    While your dedicated BCS team works with you to collect documents and data, a programer will customize your database to match your organization's unique requirements.

    BCS uploads documents and performs the data entry required to bring your database current. A side benefit of using BCS is having a well-groomed and well-maintained database of all vendors and/or tenants.


    Once all documents and data have been collected and sorted, BCS begins correcting. Each document and piece of data is carefully reviewed and audited.

    All data and documents which do not meet your requirements are flagged by reviewers and auditors. This step simply cannot be automated.


    BCS' friendly, knowledgeable, and customer-centric staff correct all deficiencies (working one-on-one with vendors/tenants and agents) comparing their data with your unique terms and conditions.

    All flagged data or documents are corrected unless otherwise directed by the client. No one corrects more insurance and other self-reported data than BCS.


    Now you're protected—working with safe and insured vendors that meet your contract requirements.

    BCS offers real-time reporting for most of its services. Refocus your time and attention on the critical issues and let BCS collect, correct, and protect your organization from vendor risk.

    Let BCS provide you with the solution you've been looking for >