Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a demo of your system?

Yes. To see Certus™ please contact us and request a demo.

How much do your services cost?

BCS vendor/tenant screening & insurance certificate tracking solutions start at just $10/account/yr. BCS offers several options for financing the insurance certificate tracking solution, including an option that would cost your company nothing.

We tailor our services to meet each Client’s needs. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive, multi-layered vendor risk management solution, or something very basic, BCS has the flexibility to deliver services that fit your unique requirements. BCS is able to provide services at highly competitive prices. With BCS you get sophisticated technology, old fashioned one-on-one customer support, and the ability to design a program that works for you—all at a price unmatched by other firms.

Do I need to purchase software?

No. All BCS systems are securely hosted on servers in hardened colocation data facilities. Systems can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by any client with user access. A web browser with an Internet connection is the only requirement.

How do I get started?

Transitioning to BCS from another service provider or from your internal program is easy. BCS has a streamlined implementation process for collecting your existing certificates and vendor contact information (if available) and importing the data into the BCS system. Our trained auditors and representatives do the rest.

How long will it take to complete implementation?

BCS can have you up and running within days. We provide a simple, hassle-free transition where we do the heavy lifting. BCS will assign you a full-time project manager and team of auditors. Your project manager will help you transition to BCS by:

  • Ensuring that BCS has a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements.
  • Helping you and BCS determine the best approach for collecting and correcting your vendor and/or tenant insurance and compliance data.
  • Acting as a single point of contact for your team.
  • Training a team of dedicated BCS auditors who will work only on your account.

What do the reports look like?

The BCS system is powerful, easy to use, and capable of generating numerous real time reports and metrics 24/7. The database is a simple, web-based tool accessible via secure login from any computer with Internet access.

Database information can be extracted and exported to both PDF and Excel formats for easy viewing.

Your BCS Project Manager will also submit cumulative compliance reports, detailing the progress BCS has made in working with your vendors and bringing them into compliance with your terms and conditions.

Features & Benefits

Dedicated Customer Service

BCS assigns each client a dedicated project manager and team of auditors. These BCS employees are trained to specifically collect and correct your vendor and/or tenant insurance as a seamless, dedicated extension of your team. Get the protection you need along with the service you want and deserve.

Improved Vendor Relationships

If you aren't holding your vendors and/or tenants to their end of the deal by letting sloppy, incomplete, or non-compliant certificates satisfy contract terms and conditions – you may be risking more than financial means – you may be risking the overall success of these key relationships.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Let BCS carry the burden of efficiency for you. Our job is to discover and implement the most cost-effective and streamlined solutions for collecting and correcting insurance and other data from your vendors and/or tenants. After nearly two decades of doing this day-in and day-out, we have developed and continue to spend our resources developing the most efficient way to get the job done.

Peace of Mind

BCS protects organizations by collecting and correcting vendor insurance and other self-reported data. With all our time and attention focused on doing so, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In addition, BCS is a living and growing resource for industry best practices.

Minimized losses

BCS can save your organization from various types of loss including financial, vendor and/or tenant relationships, reputational, and more.

Notification Alerts

Want to know when your vendors and/or tenants don’t renew their coverage? Want a compliance snapshot of your entire vendor and/or tenant database? The proprietary BCS database, Certus™, can keep you informed about every critical component of compliance.

Real-Time Reporting

Certus™ is a powerful database, capable of real-time reporting on any data it collects. Certus™ gives you complete control over which reports you run, when you run them, and how frequently you want them. BCS takes the mundane and routine work out of tracking insurance and other vendor data and simply provides the key information you and/or your team needs to make critical decisions. In addition to real-time reporting, BCS also develops custom reports for each client, based on their needs.

Secure Web-Based Systems

Certus™ and other proprietary and licensed components of BCS' web-based systems and workflow allow clients to enjoy:

  • A more streamlined process for collecting insurance.
  • An organized "storage bin" for their vendor certificates and related documents.
  • Unlimited system users.
  • Database colocation and daily back-up.

24/7 Access to Vendor Data

It doesn’t matter where you are or what device you’re using, your vendor data is available all the time, anywhere you have Internet access and a web-browser.