Why BCS?

A fact: Contractors, suppliers, service providers, etc. (hereafter referred to as vendors) are often involved in accidents while performing work for the company that hired them. Without proper insurance, a vendor's accident could trigger the insurance coverage of the hiring organization, leading to higher premiums and/or potential tort liability.

An alarming fact: Greater than 70% of all compliance paperwork submitted by vendors contains inaccurate, expired or incomplete information.

Another alarming fact: Most companies surveyed by KPMG believe the insurance certificates and other data they collect from their vendors is accurate and compliant. At BCS, we recognize this gap between fact and reality. Our solutions replace this false sense of security with valuable and unparalleled vendor compliance.

The BCS Difference - Why companies every day are switching to BCS

While most service providers focus on using automated IT solutions for data and document collection, review, verification, and even corrective measures - BCS takes a different approach - and it works. Because of our unique process and culture, our competitors may collect more, but nobody corrects more vendor insurance than BCS.

BCS delivers: The Protection You Need, A Process You Can Trust, Accuracy You Can Depend On™