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"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."

—Helen Keller

Service providers without vision (or with an unclear vision) might be able to see the problems you face; they might even be able to talk about them in ways that engender trust. However, they will not be able to lead you from start to finish through the right solution to get the results you need.

This is the competitive landscape of the insurance certificate tracking marketplace.

How does BCS lift itself above the rhetoric of its competition? By relying on this crystal clear vision:

Top companies in the world rely on BCS' innovative services and technology for protection from third-party risk.

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Insurance Certificate Tracking Pilot Program

Buried in Certificates of Insurance

We offer a free 30-day pilot program to empower BCS champions who know how important insurance compliance is, but face an uphill battle convincing others.

Using the results from the pilot, we'll help you create a compelling case-study to give your key stakeholders the facts they need to make the right decision.