In a changing world of technology many insurance carriers are slow to provide access to information in a way that fits the new ways consumers access data.

According to info from CEB TowerGroup, a rapidly growing percentage of insurance consumers prefer mobile device access to company and vendor insurance documents and information, yet only 7% of insurers have any kind of ability to distribute insurance document and information to mobile devices. While most carriers currently have strategies to rollout mobile access to insurance documents to customers, they have been slow to facilitate any solutions.

It is no longer sufficient simply to move beyond paper storage on-site of countless insurance documents to digital storage, that storage must be accessible by more than a desktop computer running Windows operating system. Do you have the ability to retrieve and view your vendor's insurance documents 24/7 digitally? If so, how easy to use is the system? Are the documents accessible on tablets or smartphones? If not, why? In 2013 your organization really should have an app for that.

Gone are the days of not only retrieving an insurance document from an old file cabinet, also gone should be any cumbersome digital technology which does not allow viewing and accessing that information from a number of mobile devices as well as office desktop computer workstations.

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