How BCS Differs From Other Certificate of Insurance Tracking Solutions

BCS differentiates itself with comprehensive service, a convenient app, seamless API integrations, a dedicated team, high customer satisfaction, and by serving diverse industries.

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Published December 01, 2020   •   1 minute read

A certificate of insurance (COI) tracking solution simplifies the process of collecting and maintaining documents. However, not all tracking services are equal. BCS is one of the best certificate of insurance tracking providers, thanks to our comprehensive approach. Our unique features equip customers with the tools they need to manage their COIs effectively and mitigate risks.


Level of Service

BCS is a full-service solution dedicated to supporting companies through the entire scope of the COI tracking process. Not only do we assist with collecting and storing documents, but our expert team also reviews certificates and endorsements, identifies deficiencies, and contacts vendors and agents to correct inconsistencies.


Convenient App

The BCS App puts unparalleled customization and protection in the palm of your hand. Vendors can upload COIs directly into the Vendor Mobile App, cutting out the middleman and saving both parties time.

It also packs more of a punch than merely storing documents. Our financial and regulatory screenings cover more than 600 global databases, to ensure compliance. Our search feature instantly finds pre-qualified vendors in your area and provides access to profiles and reviews. Users can also broadcast jobs using our matching algorithm, and connect with contractors through an in-app chat option.


Seamless API Integrations

While the BCS App may be your go-to tool for full-service credentialing, we recognize that there are many more facets to your business. That’s why it integrates seamlessly with other software, including Accounts Payable, Procurement, and Enterprise programs. This powerful tool also works with many of the top software packages you may already use, such as Salesforce, SAP, Yardi, Zycus, Experian, Refinitiv, MRI, and Procure.


Dedicated Team

We couple advanced technology with human expertise for the ultimate in full-service COI tracking. Our skilled compliance analysts painstakingly review certificates and endorsements to find deficiencies and correct issues directly with the vendors and agents.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything BCS does. We’re here to act as an extension of your team through each step of the COI tracking process. Our clients span more than 90 countries, and our staff speaks more than 10 languages to better meet their needs.


Industries Served

BCS serves a diverse array of industries, including real estate, construction, retail, hospitality, financial services, logistics and transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, energy/utilities, and franchise management. Regardless of your field, we’ll help you mitigate risks with thorough tracking solutions.

BCS can help your organization protect its exposure and maintain compliance without the frustration of managing all the associated documents independently. Schedule a demo to see for yourself.

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