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Volatile Economy Calls for Better Risk Management Techniques

Identifying and analyzing potential risks, and strategizing for their reduction and avoidance, are critical to successful risk management. Several useful risk management techniques include: Certificate of Insurance Tracking, Safety Pre-Qualification, Regulatory Screening, and Vendor Credentialing.
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Limit Your Liability with Certificate of Insurance Tracking

BCS’ unique, three-step approach to certificate of insurance tracking provides the verification, security and peace of mind so essential to third-party risk mitigation.
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The Basics of Additional Insured Endorsements

Learn what an additional insured endorsement is and why it is so important when it comes to protecting your company from third-party risk.
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Insurance Cancellation Notices Part 2: Endorsement Enforcement

Basics of collecting and tracking Notices of Cancellation along with Certificates of Insurance from all of your company's vendors, tenants, and subcontractors.
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Insurance Cancellation Notifications Part 1: Is Notice Guaranteed?

Notices of insurance cancellation are not always guaranteed. It is important to collect Notice of cancellation endorsements to protect your company from risk.
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AIA Unveils New 2017 Insurance Exhibit

AIA forms now include a separate insurance exhibit, creating less vagueness and more understanding, and revamping contractual risk transfer in construction.
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Effectively Managing Third-Party Risk

BCS can help your company reduce third-party risk with our innovative compliance management solutions. Learn how to track vendor insurance using the BCS App today.
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