Certificate of Insurance (COI) Tracking System


The perfect blend of software and human services.


Why request and collect insurance certificates and other self-reported compliance data if you don't correct deficiencies? Would this kind of a process protect your organization from third-party risk?

BCS collects and securely stores certificates of insurance and other relevant documents and data using our proprietary, web-based software, Certus. Our clients and their vendors, tenants, borrowers, and/or agents can submit documents and data 24/7 in a variety of ways.
Using a Client's contract terms and account instructions as a guide, our dedicated human resources identify and correct deficiencies in certificates of insurance (and other documents and data). Nobody corrects more insurance and self-reported compliance data than BCS.
BCS protects its clients by ensuring third parties agree and comply with contract terms and conditions. This protection is easily identified in our detailed, accurate, and customizable reporting. With additional risk management and other add-on services available, BCS offers the protection you need, a process you can trust, and service you can depend on.
In thirty minutes, we can change your perspective (for the better) on insurance certificate tracking and other screening services. Why wait? Tell us a couple of dates and times you're available and we'll send you a GoToMeeting invitation so you can demo our insurance tracking system for yourself.

Insurance Certificate Tracking Pilot Program

Buried in Certificates of Insurance

We offer a free 30-day pilot program to empower BCS champions who know how important insurance compliance is, but face an uphill battle convincing others.

Using the results from the pilot, we'll help you create a compelling case-study to give your key stakeholders the facts they need to make the right decision.