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Our insurance certificate tracking software has a RESTful API that allows you to push, pull, and delete data in Certus from your enterprise software using standard HTTP methods (e.g., GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE). In layman's terms, this means you may never have to log in to Certus. Rather, you will simply see the important information we're gathering on your behalf as it programmatically and automatically makes its way into your enterprise software through the web.

Certus – API Use Cases

Accounts Payable Integration

The Problem:

Company policy prohibits cutting checks to vendors unless they are in full compliance with their contract (including providing evidence of insurance as outlined in the contract or P.O.)

Your company collects certificates of insurance, but you're not 100% confident that deficiencies get corrected; furthermore, the process is decentralized, making it difficult to report non-compliance to your accounts payable department in a timely manner.

The Solution:

Your company partners with BCS. Now every vendor submits their insurance certificates to BCS, where they are audited, flagged for deficencies, and corrected. BCS then updates the vendor's compliance status in Certus.

Each night at 2:00am, your accounts payable software requests the current compliance status for each vendor using the Certus API. Since the same vendor ID used in your accounts payable software is used in Certus, each vendor's account is updated nightly, and your accounts payable department doesn't have to do a thing. They simply look at the vendor's status within the A.P. software they are acustomed to using, and either cut a check or not. Either way, they can now know with confidence. Problem solved.

Insurance Certificate Tracking Pilot Program

Buried in Certificates of Insurance

We offer a free 30-day pilot program to empower BCS champions who know how important insurance compliance is, but face an uphill battle convincing others.

Using the results from the pilot, we'll help you create a compelling case-study to give your key stakeholders the facts they need to make the right decision.