At any given time you may have several dozen active projects underway, with 40 or more subcontractors per project. All of which need to be vetted.

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The real challenge to construction companies today lies in being able to promptly bring subcontractors onto new projects while first making sure they’re qualified in key areas of potential risk such as insurance, environmental, health & safety, financial stability, and more.


How BCS Can Help

BCS provides a robust platform to quickly and reliably screen your subcontractors’ qualifications including:

  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Safety

The BCS mobile app integrates with all your favorite tools (Procore, Viewpoint, MRI, etc.), empowers subcontractors to track compliance statuses in real time, and is supported by a dedicated BCS compliance team that guides your subcontractor through the entire process with impeccable customer service.

Construction COI Ebook

Need more information on why certificate of insurance tracking is particularly important for in construction industry? This free download includes the three most important traits of the industry that emphasize how critical maintaining COI tracking is to protect yourself from liability.

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"Since 2009, GBC has utilized BCS for subcontractor insurance monitoring and compliance. The BCS team is hard-working and does their very best to respond to our needs accurately and in a timely manner. We are impressed with the functionality of their web-based software as it provides the ability to easily review documents, see updated notes, and monitor correspondence status. BCS has done a great job and working with them has been a wonderful experience."

–Sr. Vice President – Director of Risk Management



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