Document Management

With everything moving to the cloud these days, don’t let your procurement and legal paperwork be left on the ground

Document Management
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What is DocuComply?

DocuComply is BCS’ document management service that ensures fast and accurate collection and verification of your third parties' data.

Thanks to DocuComply, BCS can extract key data from your legal documents to establish the baseline for the compliance review of your vendors/tenants/suppliers compliance, etc.


BCS leverages a decade of software development and cutting edge technology to streamline the collection and processing of your tenant lease agreements, vendor service agreements, supplier purchase orders, etc.

Streamline Data

Streamline Data

We’ll help you streamline the collection and review of lease agreements & contracts.

Centralize Data

Centralize Data

We’ll centralize all of your tenant, vendor & supplier legal documents.

Access Data

Access Data

You can access all of your documents through our user-friendly app.


The Process
1. Dedicated team of compliance analysts
2. Collection of documents
3. Extraction of key data and compliance requirements
4. Secure storage
5. Monitor and Track data expirations

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