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Who we are

By Adam Lopez

Who We Are

For more than 14 years Business Credentialing Services has customized third-party credentialing solutions for some of the most demanding companies in the world - insurance compliance management; W-9 collections; license and trade accreditation and other verifications; health, safety & environmental compliance reviews; legal & financial screenings, etc.

Through a combination of dedicated compliance analysts and our advanced BCS App, we do the heavy lifting in the process of vendor onboarding, document collection and compliance management.


The BCS Solution allows you to:

Give time back to your staff and free up resources tied to Franchisee management so you can drive more value to your organization. This solution can scale with your organization from 100 Franchisee's to 100,000, while continuing to enjoy a team of BCS compliance analysts acting as an extension of your own team.

Protect your organization from third-party liability arising from gaps in your Franchisee compliance. With the BCS guarantee of protection, you can focus on your operations knowing that, in the event of an accident, your Franchisee meet the requirements so you can ensure an effective transfer of risk.

Modernize your vendor management systems with modern tools for vendor onboarding, RFP management, instant messaging... while being able to integrate it all with your favorite tools (Yardi, MRI, Procore, Viewpoint, etc.).

We have a variety of solutions tailored to your service needs and budget. If you would like high-level overview of all the options available, you can schedule demo a with me at any time. It will be my pleasure to guide you through all the available options.


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