Financial Screening

Never enter into contracts with commercial tenants, vendors/subcontractors or suppliers in poor financial standing again. 


What is FinComply?

FinComply is a BCS compliance product that provides clients with an assessment of a Vendor or Tenant’s creditworthiness and financial stability in both the United States and throughout the world.

It draws on a comprehensive repository of business identity data updated monthly by Experian® commercial bureaus and partners across the globe, such as credit rating information, credit risk, and credit limit recommendations that our clients can use to mitigate risk when dealing with their vendors, suppliers & commercial tenants.

Data Source

Experian®’s unique data sets cover both U.S. and International businesses. Their US database spans more than 27 million small/medium businesses and their Global Data Network can provide information on +225 countries. We leverage proprietary Experian® regional data and partnerships to bring best in class data from around the globe.

We start with a vast repository of trusted data sets that include both proprietary and traditional information:

  • Firmographic
  • Public Record
  • Financial
  • Trade (78M trade records, data from 38 of the top 45 institutions, 400+ portfolios)
  • Franchise Data
  • Collection
  • Industry
  • Alternative Sources


BCS leverages a decade of software development and cutting edge technology to streamline your processes.

Commercial Tenants

Commercial Tenants

Our financial screening solution can give you a current snapshot of the potential company and its principal(s) before you commit your capital to a custom buildout. This can prevent you from wasting your resources negotiating a lease with them.

Vendor & Subcontractors

Vendor & Subcontractors

FinComply can help you know if the subcontractor is capable of performing the subcontract to your satisfaction, and whether or not they are financially healthy enough to complete the entire subcontract. A financially weak vendor/subcontractor may perform sub-par work, leaving you with additional costs to have the work fixed.



If you work with specialized suppliers, a partner that supplies a component/service that is critical to your process and that suffers from financial difficulties can be catastrophic to your business. FinComply helps you understand your suppliers’ financial health so you can easily identify & mitigate supply chain risks.

For US Vendors

Experian’s domestic database contains more than 27 million businesses, with comprehensive business credit reports that capture information such as key facts about the business, corporate registration and contact information; summaries of collections and payments; Uniform Commercial Code filing information; banking, insurance and leasing information; bankruptcy filings; judgment filings; tax lien filings; etc.

  • Financial Stability Risk Score℠ (“FSR Score”)
  • Intelliscore Plus℠ Score
  • Bankruptcies, Judgements, Liens & UCC
BCS can aggregate all these datapoints into a single score and set client-specific thresholds to determine pass/fail decisions for their vendors/tenants.

For International Vendors

Financial Elements of FinComply for international Vendors include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Health: Company financials are important to European-based credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies. As such, the company’s balance sheet, including revenue, operating income, profit and loss, and earnings ratios are major factors when modeling the FSR rating
  • Payment Behavior (DBT): Days Beyond Term data is critical in rating a business and this data is tied directly to a business’ rating
  • Negative Facts: Bankruptcy, judgments, liens, and (Uniform Commercial Code) UCC filings 4. Other Proprietary Data: Other proprietary data are included

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