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Even the most sophisticated contract, lease or loan agreement will not protect your organization without compliant insurance to back it up

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What is InsurComply?

Unlike other certificate of insurance tracking companies, the key to our full-service insurance compliance solution lies in striking the perfect balance of software and customer support. By collecting, reviewing and correcting the insurance coverages of our clients’ third parties, we’ve achieved the highest standard in third-party liability risk mitigation.

Whether you just need certificate of insurance tracking for your vendors/tenants or require a full review of their endorsements and policy pages, BCS's InsurComply system handles all your insurance compliance needs.

For more information about the importance of Certificate of insurance tracking, read the guide: Everything You Need to Know About Certificates of Insurance

Here's what they're saying

Thousands of risk managers, procurement managers, and other personnel at organizations in over a dozen industries rely on the BCS services as part of their ongoing certificate of insurance tracking and risk management programs.



We’ll give you back your most
crucial tool: your time

Our platform is designed to easily scale with your business without the need for you to devote your human resources to this process.

The risks that lie beneath the surface

The risks that lie beneath the surface

Beyond just tracking certificates, BCS delves into the real details of insurance coverage to unmask exclusions that could otherwise put your organization at risk.

An extension of your teams

An extension of your teams

Most solutions will try to put a cap on this, but our compliance analysts handle all the inbound/outbound vendor support necessary to get them compliant.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Our advanced analytics tools provide the insight you need to make the best risk management decisions, in real time.


The Process
1. Dedicated team of compliance analysts
2. Collection and storage of documents
3. Review of certificates, endorsements, etc.
4. Identify Insurance deficiencies
5. Correct Insurance by communicating with vendors and agents
6. Track data expirations for ongoing compliance

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Why should I worry about tracking Certificates of Insurance?

Why should I worry about tracking Certificates of Insurance?

There are many diverging opinions about whether or not the process of tracking COIs is of any value to an organization. You may have heard “the COI is not worth the paper it’s written on” or “our contract already states they have to provide insurance”... In this article we set out to explore the 8 most common arguments against tracking COIs and whether they are true or false.

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