Risk Management Services


Legal Screening

It only takes one unstable supplier or vendor to put your company at undue risk for the inability to meet financial obligations or compliance standards.

Business Credentialing Services assists its clients identifying critical information regarding a supplier's or vendor's financial health and legal standing. The retrieved results are also an indication of a supplier’s or vendor’s financial standing, quality, and reliability.

In order for a company to reduce their own liabilities, ensure proper finances, remain in federal compliance, and mitigate unknown illegal actions, completing a thorough legal screening is a necessary first step in identifying and partnering with prospective suppliers or vendors.

The legal information provided for our authorized clients includes:

  Bankruptcies (Up to a 10-year history of bankruptcy filing)
  Liens (Up to a 7-year history of federal, state, and county tax liens)
  Judgments (From small claims, municipal courts, and superior courts)

Online Document Repository

BCS stores data in an online document repository for easy access by our authorized client users. With this information, you will achieve the understanding that is needed to evaluate your company’s risk when it comes to each of its suppliers and vendors.

If requested, BCS also reports any adverse findings to our clients so that the appropriate actions can take place to ensure legal protection before any potential problems arise.

Don’t put your company at risk because of an unstable supplier or vendor. For a free demo of how you can effectively limit third-party risk through proper financial and legal screening, contact BCS today!

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Business Credentialing Services offers a free 30-day pilot program to empower BCS champions who know how important Legal Screening is, but face an uphill battle convincing others.

Using the results from the pilot, we'll help you create a compelling case-study to give your key stakeholders the facts they need to make the right decision. Contact us to learn more about our pilot program, or start your free trial today.