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Professional License Tracking Software

Business Credentialing Services helps employers verify that their applicants have the necessary professional licenses and certificates in order to be hired by and perform a job for your company.

These certificates and licenses are issued by a government entity (usually state) and provide assurance to the public that a professional has met predetermined standards. The general public may not have sufficient information or experience to identify an unqualified provider. Thus, required standards are set in place to keep the public safe and to help ensure high-quality work can be performed.

Each certified or licensed individual is responsible and accountable for practicing within a legally defined scope based upon the laws and rules and consistent with their own education and skills.

Verifying and tracking certificates and licenses of applicants also benefits the hiring company by limiting their liability against faulty workmanship or malpractice performed by an employee or contractor.

Validation of Status

Professional licensure status requires periodic renewal and is validated through state agencies. Examples of certificates and licenses that may be verified include but are not limited to accounting, aviation, legal, medical, nursing, and plumbing.

The following information pertaining to each certificate or license will be retrieved:

  Certificate or License type
  Issuance Date
  Expiration Date
  Disciplinary actions


All verifications are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Easy Online Access With Business License Software

The retrieved information is stored in an online document repository which can be easily accessed by our authorized client users. Any discrepancies in reported information are returned to the employer for additional follow-up with the applicant.

Increase your company’s standard of work and decrease its liability by only considering applicants with valid certificates and licenses. For more information on business license software or to request a free trial, contact BCS today!

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