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If you're a real estate Owner or a Property Manager, you're probably all too familiar with how much it takes to make sure your vendors, contractors and tenants are the right ones for you.

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Your risk exposure is compounded each time you hire a new vendor/contractor or bring on a new tenant.

Tracking certificates of insurance and making sure they don't have any hidden coverage exclusions, or ensuring that you're entering into agreements with individuals that are not OFAC or FCPA compliant all add to this.


How We Can Help

BCS offers a COI tracking solution that grows alongside your real estate portfolio, delivering the technology and services to continually ensure you're shielded from these hidden third-party risks.

Our platform is designed to provide best-in- class customer service to your vendors and tenants, while allowing you to free up your people to continue focusing on delivering value to your customers.

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Need more guidance on finding the COI tracking solution that's right for your needs? This free download includes the five most important questions to ask when searching for the best option and guidance to help understand the potential answers.

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