Reduce Risk with Regulatory Screening

Systematically screening your vendors & suppliers for compliance with different regulatory requirements is essential. Many organizations lack the knowledge and capability to handle this process.

The ever-changing regulatory landscape is increasingly requiring organizations to be more knowledgeable about the entities they enter into business transactions with. Failure to comply with these regulations can carry high penalties, regardless of the industry you may operate in.

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What is ReguComply?

Spanning more than 600 sanctions lists, government databases, and regulatory & law enforcement lists, ReguComply is a one-stop solution built on best-in class data sources to identify compliance issues related to OFAC, FCPA (anti-money laundering), adverse media, trade licenses, etc.

It’s specifically designed to track and monitor your clients and vendors, and continuously crosscheck local and international sources as they get updated.



With more than a decade of combined experience in Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance, BCS provides your organization with the expertise and innovative systems to make better procurement decisions.

Reduce Regulatory Risk

Reduce Regulatory Risk

We'll help reduce regulatory risk related to OFAC, FCPA, trade license, etc.

600+ Databases

600+ Databases

We monitor over 600 databases, both local and national, to ensure our information is always up to date.



We'll help support your supply chain all around the world, 24/7, 365 days a year.


The Process
1. Dedicated team of compliance analysts
2. Collection and storage of vendor data
3. Initial review to find possible matches in databases
4. Compliance results
5. Monitor & Track data expirations and database updates

Want to learn more about vendor compliance?

9 Fundamentals eBook

9 Fundamentals Guide of Vendor Insurance Review

Unless you’re a dedicated risk and insurance professional, it’s hard to navigate the vendor risk management maze.

So, we’ve created this beginner’s guide to get you started on your path to becoming a Pro at protecting your organization from third-party liability risk. If you currently work with vendors and are unsure whether you’re collecting the sufficient legal/insurance documentation from them to fully protect your business, then this guide is the roadmap you need!

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