Health & Safety Pre-Qualification

You don’t have the time to get lost in compliance and data collection. And you shouldn’t have to.

Health & Safety Pre-Qualification
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What is SafeComply?

The SafeComply solution is a proactive approach to health and safety management that ensures your vendors and subcontractors are aligned with your organization’s standards.


By streamlining the data collection and review process, and leveraging dedicated compliance analysts to verify EMR and OSHA data, BCS offers a full-service health & safety management solution for organizations of any size.


With more than a decade of combined experience in Health, Safety and Environmental compliance, BCS provides your organization with the expertise and innovative systems to make better procurement decisions.

Reduce Incidents

Reduce Incidents

Rely on the expertise of BCS compliance analysts to identify vendor health & safety risks.

Save Money

Save Money

Profit from a dedicated BCS team to do the heavy lifting and handle inbound/outbound vendor support.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Leverage our advanced analytics and visualization technology to gain insights about your supply chain so you can make the right decisions.


The Process
1. Dedicated team of compliance analysts
2. HSE Forms submitted to all your vendors
3. Upload of vendor OSHA or EMR loss/run data
4. Collection and storage of vendor data
5. Verification of submitted data with insurance agent and labor databases
6. Customer Support to assist vendors and interact with insurance agents
7. Track data expirations for ongoing compliance

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