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Tenant Credentialing Services & Tenant Screening

Tenants, unlike most vendors, are typically required to carry and maintain property insurance in addition to liability insurance.

A good tenant screening program will include provisions for obtaining coverages sufficient for potential damage to business personal property as well as damage to the rented premises.

At Business Credentialing Services, we offer services to analyze our client’s leases to determine the specific insurance requirements that need to be tracked and credentialed for our client’s tenants. Protecting our client’s asset as well as assisting our client transfer risk to their tenants is a key component of our services.

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A thorough tenant insurance tracking program should include a review of the following:

Property Insurance

Should ensure that the tenant has coverage for their furniture, fixtures and equipment as well as any tenant improvements and betterments they are required to insure on behalf of the Landlord. If required, the Landlord needs to be named as Loss Payee.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Should be reviewed not only to protect the tenant but to extend Additional Insured status to the Landlord, Property Manager and possibly a Lender who has a Mortgage on the property. Collecting and reviewing Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, and Primary and Non-Contributory endorsements ensures that contractual liability coverage is in place. This is a critical component of risk transfer from landlord to tenant.

Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance

This should be monitored for all tenant-owned, leased, non-owned, and hired vehicles.

Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability coverage

This should be required and be written in accordance with the applicable state statues and laws.

Umbrella Liability

Scheduling Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Employers’ Liability policies should be required.

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