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BCS University is a library of educational insurance videos (see below) at your disposal so we can help you help yourself, a DIY insurance training. We want to make sure you have all of the knowledge and resources you need to educate yourself about our world of insurance, vendor compliance, and certificate of insurance tracking. We are always posting new videos so stay tuned!

What is a Certificate of Insurance? Why Do I Need It?coi certs

By Adam Lopez

A COI is a necessary document to prove your company is insured when entering into contracts with other entities.

What is Workers Compensation?Workers compensation, workers comp, what does workers compensation mean, insurance, policy,

By Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Workers' compensation, usually abbreviated as Workers' Comp, is a policy that offers benefits as determinate by the state to an employee due to jobs relative injuries.

What is Evidence of Property Coverage?property coverage, insurance, evidence of property coverage, certificate, liability

By Adam Lopez

Do you know the difference between Evidence of Property Coverage and Liability Insurance?

What's the Difference Between Occurrence & Claims-Made Insurance?claims made, occur, occurrence, coverage, policy, insurance, filed,

By Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Have you ever wondered how your vendors’ Commercial General Liability coverage will cover your company in the event of a claim?

What is a Notice of Cancellation? Do I need one? Notice of Cancellation, certificate of insurance, insurance, requirements, 30 day notice,

By Adam Lopez

The NOC is a crucial mechanism to assure the additional insured or other vested parties will receive notification of the cancellation or non-renewal of a vendor’s insurance policy.

What is the Difference Between Umbrella and Excess Liability?

By Adam Lopez

Excess and Umbrella are often used interchangeably, but they are two completely different policies that do fundamentally the same thing – with one major difference.

Commercial General Liability BasicsGeneral Liability, GL, CGL, Commercial General, Genera liability insurance, business owners policy, Understanding CGL Insurance, what is

By Adam Lopez

The CGL is one of the most important type of insurance as it is the first line of defense in the events of a loss. In fact, it is the broadest in terms of types of incidents that will protect the company against.

Commercial Auto Liability – What is Auto Liability? Do My Vendors Need It?automobile

By Adam Lopez

Have you ever wondered if you should require auto liability coverage from your vendors and any other third-party companies that you do business with?

The Difference Between Policy Holder, Certificate Holder, and Additional Insuredcert holder, AI language,

By Adam Lopez

Do you know the difference between policy holders, certificate holders, and additional insureds?

The Difference Between Ongoing & Completed OperationsOngoing ops, completed ops, endorsement

By Adam Lopez

Every business is unique; however, completed and ongoing coverage is an essential requirement in order to protect both contractors and individuals hiring them.

Are you listed as Additional Insured?Additional insured, insurance, endorsement, additional insured endorsement, policy,

By Adam Lopez

Watch this video to find out where Additional Insured Wording is located on a COI so you can make sure your company is being covered.

What is a Waiver of Subrogation?Waiver of subrogation, WOS, what is, endorsement, insurance,

By Adam Lopez

Waiver of subrogation is when someone waives the rights of their insurance companies to recover damage from a third-party company. But why do I need it?

The Difference Between Per Project & Per Locationper project, per location, aggregate, insurance, general liability, policy, Contractor's Guide to Aggregates, limits,

By Adam Lopez

The general aggregate limit is the total amount that the policy has to pay in any one policy term and it can respond in 3 ways: per policy, per project or per location. In this video we are going to explain the difference between per project and per location.

What does Primary & Noncontributory mean in insurance?primary, noncontributory, form, endorsement, wording, insurance, coverage, additional insured,

By Adam Lopez

Primary and non-contributory endorsements or policy language are importante terms and commonly used in contract insurance requirements. But what exactly does it mean?

What do Auto Insurance Symbols mean?Auto policy, commercial auto policy, symbols, insurance, liability, car,

By Adam Lopez

In this video we are diving a little deeper into the Auto Liability Policy and its symbols to give you an even better understanding of it.